red blood cells

Red Blood Cells

Did you know?

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Red blood cells literally shoot around the body, taking less than 60 seconds to complete a full circuit. This means that each of our red blood cells makes 86400 trips around our body every day, delivering oxygen and keeping the body energized. Each cell lives for approximately 40 days, before being replaced by a new one. Which means to improve the quality and strength of your red blood cells it takes 40 days of continuous effort either thru food or lifestyle changes:

Some strengthening foods for the red blood cells are azuki beans, red radishes, nori sea vegetable, leafy green vegetables such as kale, collards, mustard greens and many more.

Physical activity, such as going for 30 - 40 minute walk daily will also tremendously benefit the circulatory system, and the red blood cells in particular!

Food to minimize: excess sugar, sweets of any kind, alcohol, strong spices, sodas, high caffeinated drinks, excess dairy and animal food.