Permission to be who you truly are

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The approaching equinox is an excellent time to re-assess and realign for more harmonious balance: give yourself permission to be who you truly are - to express your truth. All of us have experienced at some point in our lives how freeing and simultaneously impactful it can be to be yourself and not hide behind a mask.

In our world where we are surrounded by images of unattainable perfection of body, material goods, wealth, etc. it may seem at times the best solution to present a personae to the world that fits this ‘standard’. This mask usually hides our less secure parts and would try to make others believe we are more perfect, more powerful, more in control, more interesting etc. than we truly feel we are. Unfortunately this usually backfires on us: in an attempt to impersonate something we are not, we often come across as aloof, unapproachable, even arrogant. It is then that we loose our sense of belonging, connection and feeling like we have a place in the world.

This also ties in with the recent school shootings: expression to be real is denied to the point where the only expression left is resorting to extreme measures: trying to break out of the self created mask of protection, which other people reinforce unfortunately. The mask becomes a tight fitting armor that can seemingly only be moved beyond via explosive behavior – in some cases resorting to shooting.

In my own life I remember a time when my father wished me to continue playing tennis as a teenager, which I hated. Tennis was considered a status symbol and I was expected to continue playing tennis to keep up our family status in the community. I threw a tantrum to finally make my father understand that tennis didn’t fit my idea of fun, enjoyment and that I didn’t care about status. I took up Judo instead, which I pursued for many years: I had fun and made wonderful friends.

Every time we are true to ourselves we are at ease, relaxed, we can easily get inspired, be spontaneous, have fun, even laugh at our own shortcomings. When we allow ourselves to be real, we give others permission to let go of the masquerade as well.

Allow the harmonious energy of the equinox (equal measure of day and night) to carry you to new expressions of truth and honesty – if not outwardly, then at least acknowledging truth within self.