Natural Optimism: Forget about your problems and they will disappear?

Winter in the Berkshires

This sounds like the rambling of a child or an idiot, like a pipe-dream fantasy or romanticism—this is definitely not a method for the intelligent and sophisticated of our society according to our regular standards.

We have the impression that worrying about the world and our personal problems can lead to a logical solution and perhaps save our planet and resolve personal crises—or so it seems.

Not worrying about the world is considered uncaring and insensitive, whereas worrying is an acceptable way of showing concern and empathy for private and public matters.

Consensus holds that it is unreasonable to assume that the world can take care of itself, or even sort out whatever damage it seems man has done to it. 

It is generally accepted that worrying will take us somewhere and lead us further. And it does: it provides the thrust to make things happen: MORE PROBLEMS. Ooops….

Ironically, the best thing you can do for yourself, or your loved ones, or the world, is to stop worrying, and let go of all of the negative thoughts. Thoughts have an electromagnetic viability and will attract more of the same. Hence worry will attract more worry, and similarly joy will attract more joy. 

Imagine that the problem at hand no longer exists, or pretend that it will disappear, because it is not as bad as it could possibly be.

It always helps to focus our attention on something joyful. And when we are looking for the positive events and joys in our everyday life, they will certainly come to our attention as they are always present.

And while this mindset seems child-like, it will not turn us back into children (unless we have never grown up—but that is another story). Rather, it helps to utilize the biologically innate natural optimism that is ingrained in our natural make up. This positive force—the natural optimism—is an impetus that allows for unanticipated, wonderful surprises, to come our way, and it gives rise to unexpected solutions and joyful circumstances and events.

Sharing a life with someone who always expects the worst outcome and is always worrying can become exhausting.

In my experience, people who employ worry as their modus operandi are motivating themselves from incessant fear. They find this way of acting and being more thrilling and exciting than having peace, joy, and happiness in their lives.

So, unburden yourself of your problems and a whole new set of possibilities can come into focus in your life! As the song goes, “Let it be.”